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Higher Education and a Sustainable Society – Launching the book

On October 2nd students, professors, editors and other dedicated people was gathered in Grimstad for the launch of the book “Higher Education and a Sustainable Society”.

The presentation by authors and editors is available here.

Presenters and speakers:

  • Richard Ennals, professor Kingston University and UiA
  • Aslaug Kristiansen, professor UiA
  • Harald Knudsen, professor UiA
  • Astrid Stifoss-Hanssen, Assistant Professor, UiA
  • Tom Viggo Nilsen, Assistent Professor, UiA
  • Stina Torjesen, Associate Professor UiA
  • Terje Damman, County Mayor Vest-Agder


After the presentation there was a debate which is available here.

Member of the panel:

CEO Jan Roger Olsen (SSHF), Vice-rector Dag G. Aasland (UiA), Deputy County Mayor Jon-Olav Strand from Aust-Agder County,) project manager Jan Willy Føreland (Faveo), Associate Pofessor UiA Stina Torjesen.


Invitation to booklaunch

We hereby invite you to an interesting presentation and discussion related to the book: Higher Education in a Sustainable Society: A Case for Mutual Competence Building.

The presentation and discussion will take place October 2nd, 11 am – 2 pm in auditorium B3 007 Campus Gimlemoen.

You can read the invitation here.

book cover

Higher Education in a Sustainable Society – A Case for Mutual Competence Building

Edited by: Johnsen, Hans Chr. Garmann, Torjesen, Stina, Ennals, Richard was launched by vice-rector Dag G. Aasland at a conference at University of Agder on April 23.
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This book addresses the following question: What is a sustainable society, and how can higher education help us to develop toward it? The core argument put forward is that the concept of sustainability reaches much farther than just the direct aspects of environmental threats and carbon emissions. Using higher education as a point of departure, the book shows that sustainability involves a broad range of disciplines, from nursing and nutrition to technology and management. It argues that a sustainable society entails a distinct perspective on society that influences our social thinking in terms of ethics, democracy and knowledge development. The book also discusses if (and if so, how) higher education can and should contribute to such a development based on the principles of the freedom of science in a liberal, democratic society. The book presents Mutual Competence Building as a concept higher education can adapt in order to contribute to a sustainable Society.
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Boklansering: The New Natural Resource

Welcome to lunch-seminar in Grimstad where professor Hans Chr. G. Johnsen will present his new book ‘New natural resource’, recently published on Gower. In addition to enjoying a great presentation by HC and receiving a free lunch (which economists always enjoy ) you will also get the opportunity to see the new offices of our colleagues in Grimstad. I therefore hope that many colleagues from Kristiansand will want to join me.

The New Natural Resource

22nd of October, Grimstad.

Together we are building the research culture at our business school!


Invitasjon til presentasjon av bok om Action research and territorial development.

Om boken:

“In this book we reflect on micro knowledge creation processes between territorial development actors and researchers facing the challenge of finding actionable solutions in their territories. Our aim is to reflect inside out: the reflections are on processes we have participated in together with territorial actors (elected politicians, civil servants, representatives of development agencies and industry).”

Presentasjonen avholdes på UiA Grimstad, 26. mars kl 12.00. Det vil bli servert mat og drikke. For påmelding, send kontaktinformasjon til james.karlsen@agderforskning.no