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Visit from Kingston Business School

Visit by master students from Kingston Business School, in week 44, 2016. They were accompanied by lecture Charles Berthold, and professor Richard Ennals.

Seminar on Lean and sustainability on November 3 and 4 for master students of innovation and knowledge development in cooperation between University of Agder and Eyde Cluster. The seminar was also attended by master students from Kingston Business School. Gunnar Kulia from the Eyde Cluster gave an introduction to the seminar.


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The students followed the teaching of Master in Innovation and Knowledge Development. The students organization NOVUS hosted a special workshop on entrepreneurship.



PhD students at Department of work life and innovation is attending the PhD courses

PhD students at Department of work life and innovation, at University of Agder is attending the PhD courses EX-604 PHILOSOPHIES OF SOCIAL SCIENCES and ORG-602 KNOWLEDGE ORGANISATIONS, MANAGEMENT AND KNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT, at Metochi Study Centre, Lesbos, Greece.  June 12 – 17, 2016.


Charles Berthold, Lecturer at Kingston University London is teaching about Gilles Deleuze and post-structuralism. Other lectures at the courses are: Associate professor Jon P. Knudsen, University of Agder, professor Olav Eikeland, Oslo and Akershus University College, professor Has Grelland, University of Agder, and associate professor James Karlsen, University of Agder. Course director is professor Hans Chr Garmann Johnsen, University of Agder.