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Programme for Regional R&D and Innovation (VRI)

The VRI programme is a Research Council of Norway initiative, targeted toward research and innovation at the regional level in Norway.

The VRI programme offers professional and financial support to long-term, research-based development processes in the regions. The programme is designed to promote greater regional collaboration between trade and industry, R&D institutions and the government authorities, and to establish close ties to other national and international network and innovation measures such as the Arena programme, Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) and the Regions of Knowledge initiative.

The Research Council will employ national, merit-based competition to ensure the quality of the activities and projects funded under the programme. Fundamental components of the VRI programme include research activity, exchange of experience, learning, and cooperation across scientific, professional and administrative boundaries.

The VRI programme is a national programme with an initial time-frame of ten years (2007- 2017). The work programme may be revised and developed throughout the programme period.

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