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Invitasjon til seminar 2. oktober: What is the role of the university in building a sustainable society?

i inviterer til seminar i samarbeid med Universitetet i Agder (RIS-senteret) og Regionplan 2020 – regionalt forum Agder.  Tema er presentasjon og diskusjon relatert til lanseringen av boken «Higher Education in a Sustainable Society: A Case for Mutual Competence Building». Boken tar for seg ulike perspektiver for hvordan universitetene kan adressere utfordringen om et bærekraftig samfunn. Seminaret foregår på engelsk.

Tid og sted:
Fredag den 2. oktober kl. 11-14
Universitetet i Agder, Campus Kristiansand, auditorium: B3 007. Gratis inngang.

Se vedlagt program for detaljer og foredragsholdere.


Invitation to booklaunch

We hereby invite you to an interesting presentation and discussion related to the book: Higher Education in a Sustainable Society: A Case for Mutual Competence Building.

The presentation and discussion will take place October 2nd, 11 am – 2 pm in auditorium B3 007 Campus Gimlemoen.

You can read the invitation here.

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PhD course in Lesbos, Greece

This week  (June 7th – 12th, 2015) the Institute of Worklife and Innovation arranges two PhD courses on Metochi Study Centre, Lesbos, Greece.



The two courses are arranges in collaboration with University of the Aegean.

Lecturers are:

Olav Eikeland: Aristotle’s concepts of theory and practice
George Tsobanoglou: Philosophical foundation of sustainable thinking
Evi D. Sampanikou: Philosophy and technological development
Hans Grelland: Care and sustainability
Hans Chr Garmann Johnsen: The concept of knowledge and modern organizations
Jon P. Knudsen: Social construction of knowledge
James Karlsen Constructing regional knowledge


PhD courses this semester

We offer the following PhD courses this semester:


11- 13. May: University of Agder, Grimstad

ME-623 Methods in participatory and interactive research in business studies, Monday 11 – Wednesday, May 13. The course is held i Grimstad. Lecturers are: ass. professor James Karlsen, University of Agder, ass. professor Miren Larena, Orcestra, Spain, professor Øyvind Pålshaugen, Work Research Institute, Oslo, and professor Hans Chr Gramann Johnsen, University of Agder.

See the attached description of enrollment.

7. – 12.  June: Metochi Study Centre, Lesbos

ORG602 Knowledge Organisations, management and knowledge development, on Lesbos in week 24 (7-12 June). The course will run parallel EX-604 Philosophie OF SOCIAL SCIENCES which is a continuation of EX 602 Philosophy of science and ethics. The general theme of both kusene will be sustainability. It will be a collaboration with the University of the Aegean Mytilene, Greece: Evi D. Sampanikou, Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Technology and Communication and Prof. Dr. George TSOBANOGLOU, Dept. of Sociology. In addition, lecturers will be: Prof. Hans Grelland, Ass. prf James Karlse, Prof. Hans Chr Gramann Johnsen all form University of Agder and Prof. Olav Eikeland form Oslo and Akershus University College.


There is a limited number of students that can attend. The course will cover accommodation and food at Metochi, students wil have to cover travel cost. For enrollment, please contact prof. Hans Chr. Garmann Johnsen: hans.c.g.johnsen@uia.no

Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen


EX-604 Philosophies of social science

PhD course in knowledge development and management of knowledge organisations