Visit from Kingston Business School

This week the Master program in innovation and knowledge development, at School of  Business and law have been visited by a group of students from Kingston Business School, London headed by Lecturer, Dr. Pauline Olivia Parker. Together with the Norwegian master students they have attended lectures and visited businesses. The students have visited the MIL lab and been introduced to Industry 4.0 by the leader of the MIL lab Bernt Inge Øhrn. The group also attended the Eyde symposium om Industrial Symbiosis organised by Christophe F. Pinck, responsible for international relations in the Eyde Cluster. Finally, the students were received by REC Solar (formerly Elkem Solar) and the Production manager Jorunn Gislefoss and HR manager Eirin Vige Fidje, and give a presentation of the strategy of REC Solar, and a tour through the production facilities in Kristiansand.