Higher Education and a Sustainable Society – Launching the book

On October 2nd students, professors, editors and other dedicated people was gathered in Grimstad for the launch of the book “Higher Education and a Sustainable Society”.

The presentation by authors and editors is available here.

Presenters and speakers:

  • Richard Ennals, professor Kingston University and UiA
  • Aslaug Kristiansen, professor UiA
  • Harald Knudsen, professor UiA
  • Astrid Stifoss-Hanssen, Assistant Professor, UiA
  • Tom Viggo Nilsen, Assistent Professor, UiA
  • Stina Torjesen, Associate Professor UiA
  • Terje Damman, County Mayor Vest-Agder


After the presentation there was a debate which is available here.

Member of the panel:

CEO Jan Roger Olsen (SSHF), Vice-rector Dag G. Aasland (UiA), Deputy County Mayor Jon-Olav Strand from Aust-Agder County,) project manager Jan Willy Føreland (Faveo), Associate Pofessor UiA Stina Torjesen.