Presentation of the class of 2015: Innovation and knowledgedevelopment

With the challenges facing today’s job market, it is now increasingly important with qualified people. It is important to use innovative methods and find new solutions that might work better in an ever changing and challenging labor market.

Considering that one of the admission requirements of this program is a bachelor’s degree in social science, economic or administrative subjects, we see a great diversity in our class.

We have some from political science, education, HR, social communication, law and journalism in addition to that we also have some that are already established in the labor market, but who want more depth and new knowledge.

As there are many different backgrounds in our class we find that there are many different perspectives and values. This will entail a good basis for discussion in our class and leads to greater learning outcomes.

We have asked some of our fellow students, why they chose a master in innovation and knowledge developments.

One of the students expressed that innovation is what draw her to this program, “I think being able to be innovative and think differently will help me in a future workplace”.

Another student had a different reason for choosing this program, “I wanted my education to be more business related, as opposed to only be able to work within the government”.

Even though most of the students had different reasons for choosing this program; we all agree that this program will be a good addition to our bachelor degrees.